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Turn your Discord server into a profitable community hub with Zink's all-in-one solution. In addition to our tipping tool, we offer seamless integration with Discord through our donation bot. With this integration, you will receive real-time tip alerts directly in your Discord server, keeping you informed about incoming donations. Setting up the Discord integration is quick and easy, simply obtain your Discord channel webhook URL by accessing your channel settings in Discord and creating a new webhook. Once you have the webhook URL, navigate to the Settings section in Zink, select Integrations, paste the webhook URL into the designated field, and you're all set. With real-time donation alerts delivered straight to your Discord server, you'll always be in the loop, allowing you to acknowledge and appreciate your community's generosity promptly. Take advantage of Zink's comprehensive toolkit and transform your Discord server into a thriving community hub. Let your community support you effortlessly with our tipping tool and stay connected through our Discord donation bot. Start maximizing your potential today and build a profitable and engaged community with Zink.

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With micro-tips from $0.05, it's so easy to give after enjoying your content. For more people, more often.

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View tips details like amount, tipper, or origin url. Withdraw as soon as you hit $5 via Stripe Connect.

Enjoy minimal platform fees on Zink as low as 0% when you become ZinkVerified, or 5% if you're not yet ZinkVerified. Unlock the benefits of ZinkVerified membership starting at just $5 per month. Please note that payouts are processed through Stripe, which applies its own processing fee.

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Connect your Streamlabs or StreamElements account to Zink and get live stream donation alerts on Twitch, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, or TikTok Live.

Use our Discord donation bot to get real-time tip alerts on your server.

To use Zink's integrations simply sign up for an account and visit the Integrations tab in your account settings.

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